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Crowns protect teeth by “capping” or covering them. Crowns provide for optimally shaped and sized teeth that provide for restored function. Crowns are mostly used to treat teeth that are badly broken down or have cracked. Crowns can provide excellent aesthetic restoration and functional protection for a tooth.

Crowns are often recommended to restore teeth that have already had root canal treatment and might be more brittle and likely to fracture. Crowns are also used to repair teeth affected by excessive grinding, an unbalanced bite, large fillings or inadequate oral hygiene.
At Zenith we create crowns from aesthetically designed materials made of precious metal covered with porcelain, zirconia (strengthened ceramic or porcelain alone. We will recommend a crown type based on our assessment of each individual case
Crowns are a very successful way of restoring damaged or broken teeth.



Gaps not only distract from an otherwise beautiful smile but can also create functional and maintenance problems. A fixed, permanent solution can be achieved through the use of a dental bridge.

Using one or both teeth on either side of a gap as anchors, a bridge can replace a missing tooth or more than one tooth in some situations. A dental bridge can be made from various materials and we use proven designs and materials in the construction of all dental bridges. Bridges are custom made to look and feel just like your own natural teeth.

Missing teeth can cause changes in your facial profile (shape), your speech and chewing efficiency and a dental bridge is one of the options for tooth replacement that we will always consider in helping you restore missing teeth.