Fruit Peel

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Fruit peel is a type of alpha hydroxypeel, or AHA. When applied topically, fruit peels have a rejuvenating effect on skin. They are found in various concentrations in a number of acne and anti-aging treatments, including both over-the-counter and professional-grade facial peels.

Fruit peel is a mild chemical exfoliant that works by penetrating and breaking apart the uppermost layer of skin. This facilitates the removal of dead and damaged surface cells and exposes the newer, healthier layer of skin underneath.

Fruit peels are naturally derived from a variety of sources. Those commonly used in facial peels include malic peel from apples and pears, citric peel from oranges and lemons, and tartaric peel from grapes. A fourth well-known AHA, glycolic peel is derived from sugarcane.